Parent Info & Policies


Information Sharing
Please take a few minutes each day to read our bulletin board, located in the hallway outside the classroom. We post daily news, field trip notices and other information here. We also use Facebook extensively for daily updates, photo-sharing and other news. Please consider liking our page:

Don’t forget to save your used ink jet cartridges! We will use the funds from these to purchase classroom supplies. A carton is kept in the hallway for your convenience.

Drop-off time is 8:55 am and pick up is 12:00 pm, unless you are registered for Extended Hours. Please note that the semi-circle in front of the Main entrance is for emergency vehicles only, per Auburn Fire Department regulations. Please park in the parking lot.

Toys/Show and Tell
Show and Tell is held on the first Thursday and Friday of every month. Please send in only items that pertain to the current theme. Of course, books–even those not related to the theme–are always welcome! Please do not send in any violent toys or weapons of any kind. Please DO NOT send in any toys, unless it is Show and Tell Day. We have PLENTY of toys, games, and learning materials at school for your children to explore! When children are playing, they are learning; therefore, we strive to rotate materials often to maintain interest and help support goals we have set for your children. Toys from home become a distraction so please leave them at home, except for on Show and Tell day!

School Weather Cancellations
If Auburn Public Schools are closed, so are we. If Auburn Schools have a 2-hour delay, we will open at 10:00 a.m. Tune to WCSH TV Storm Center (Channel 6) for our cancellation announcement or check our Facebook page. You may also sign up for text alerts via WCSH by visiting this page. Temple Shalom Preschool is listed under “WCSHPRIVATE”.

Please be sure that your child always has a full set of season-appropriate extra clothes in his/her cubby. This includes undergarments and socks. We go outside every day (weather permitting) so please make sure your child has proper outdoor attire as well, along with sunscreen if needed. During the winter months or on rainy days, your child should have a change of shoes to wear in the classroom. Please label all items so that they don’t end up in our lost & found!

Scholastic Book Orders
We place periodic orders with Scholastic Books. You will find order forms in your child’s mail box, or you can order online via this link: (Code: M7NRP)



Toilet Training
Children always have access to the bathroom for toileting. Assistance will be given to children who need it, but children are required to be fully potty trained to attend preschool.

Parent Participation
Parents are encouraged to visit and observe the school activities. We always have an OPEN DOOR policy! Progress reports go home in January and conferences are scheduled in May.

Behavior & Guidance
Our approach regarding discipline is to re-direct, guide and provide the child with words in order to help him/her problem solve. Using guidance, we encourage working with the child’s individual needs.

Staff Training
All staff is required to be certified in CPR and First Aid yearly. All staff are also required to take 18-30 hours of ongoing training per year in childcare, Early Childhood Education and topics related to the age or characteristics of children for whom care is planned.

Nutritious snacks are provided every day and on many occasions are prepared with the help of the children.

Special Needs
To afford individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the program, we will make reasonable modifications to our policies and practices to include children, parents and guardians with disabilities, unless to do so would be a fundamental alteration of our program.

Field Trips
Field Trips within our community will be planned throughout the year. At the time of registration you will be given a permission slip to sign. You will be notified in writing before each field trip. You will need to provide your child’s car seat or booster as required by law. Most field trips will have a small cost which parents will have to provide. Parent drivers will need to have a motor vehicle background check to transport children on field trips. If we do not have enough parents to drive we will have to cancel our field trip.

No child will be allowed at school with signs of illness; fever, nausea, severe coughing or with a communicable disease.

At the time of enrollment you will need to provide a copy of your child’s record of immunizations to be kept in their file. The exceptions to this state rule are those families that are exempt for religious, medical or conscience reasons. A letter of exemption will be needed for the file. If there should be an outbreak of communicable disease, state law requires that child be removed from the program until the outbreak no longer exists.

Maine’s Lifetime of Good Health :
At Birth: HepB
2 months: HepB+DTaP+PCV+Hib+Polio+Rotavirus
4 months: DTaP+PCV+Hib+Polio+Rotavirus
6 months: HepB+DTaP+PCV+Polio+Influenza+Rotavirus
12 months: MMR+Varicella+PCV+Hib+HepA
18 months:HepA+DTaP
4-6 years: MMR + DtaP +Polio + 2nd Varicella

For more information contact: The Maine Immunization Program : 1-800-867-4775

Medical Emergency
In case of a medical emergency, staff will attend to the child while the parents are being contacted and 911 called if so needed. The child will be transported to the hospital designated by the authorized forms signed by the parent at orientation or the first day of school.

Please inform the teachers if your child has any allergies, health concerns or contagious illnesses. Teachers cannot administer medications to your child. Please have all medications given at home. The only exception will be those that are needed as a part of the child’s ongoing medical regimen, such as Epipen, inhalers or insulin.

Fire Drills/Evacuation Site Plan
As required by the State Fire Marshall’s Office, fire drills will be conducted monthly. Children will be instructed what to do in case of fire and will practice drills. In case of a fire in the building or other emergency that would require us to leave the building, we would meet at K-Mart and contact parents immediately.