My son just finished his second year at temple shalom, I can not say enough good things about this program! diff days/hours for programs, field trips, wonderful themes with emphasis on preschool skill development. And most importantly amazing, caring, kind compassionate teachers! My son was painfully shy when he started, the teachers got right on his level and he has gained so muh from his time at temple shalom! We will miss it!!  —Ashley

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this preschool and the teachers! This is my son’s second year here and the academic progress is amazing, and his social skills have improved as well. He has learned empathy (which is tough to learn at this age) and genuinely cares about all of his classmates and teachers. Ms Karen and Ms. Whitney are two of the kindest people I have met and are working hard to ensure their students succeed in a nurturing and fun environment. My son has always enjoyed story time and it is amazing to me when he starts telling me all about the stories from his day at school and how much he loves the books there.  He is able to grasp the concept of the story and apply it to his day to day life.  I am sad that after this year he will be moving on to kindergarten because we will miss Temple Shalom Preschool, his friends, and teachers but I know he will be fully prepared for his next adventure.  -Jamie       


With a combination of hands-on, age-appropriate learning and amazing teachers, Temple Shalom Preschool is unmatchable. My children love it there…I wish they could extend to k-6!!!  —Jessica


Can’t recommend enough. I wish they had k-12. My children would never leave!  —Matt


Love it, my boys had such a positive experience at this preschool. The teachers are so kind and welcoming. The hands on approach to learning is amazing!   —Sara


We are so thankful to have found a place that we feel 100% comfortable sending our child. They provide a nurturing environment for learning. Our son has so much fun there. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a preschool for their child.  —Krista


Can’t say enough wonderful things about this preschool and the amazing teachers!  —Heidi


Karl and I want to say thank you for providing an enriching educational environment for all of our children. Both [teachers] have laid a foundation that impacts their futures. One that encompasses respect for their peers, their community and themselves. We are truly thankful for all that you do and have done.  —Karl and Jill C


As a mother of 4 children who have gone through Temple Shalom, I have been delighted with our experience at the school. It is an engaging and safe environment that is led by a very nurturing and experienced staff. Temple Shalom provided my children with an outstanding preparation for kindergarten.  —Laurie


Best Preschool by far anywhere! Every child should get a chance to experience Temple Shalom!!! Best choice we ever made!  —Sunny


Our child Leah had a wonderful year and a half at Temple Shalom. The teachers are loving,caring, and have an amazing way of guiding the children with respect. The children quickly learn from example and treat each other with the same respect given to them. The classroom has classic toys that stand the test of time, and their projects are always creative and mostly from recycled items. The food served is healthy, and many times the children get to help prepare them. We appreciate Temple Shalom Nursery School!  —Laurie


I LOVE Temple Shalom and recommend them to everyone. My son gets upset when he has a day off from school. He loves his friends and the teachers. It’s a great environment and I love that he’s happy and learning.  —Jaime


[The teachers] have provided a well structured, safe and nurturing environment for our son to learn. We watched as he progressed from being quiet with his peers to forming friendships, thanks to the love and care he received. Being our third child, we had previous experience with other preschools and Temple by far is at the top of our list.  —Lisa


We all hope that preschool will prepare our children for kindergarten. [The teachers] taught our son well and he is clearly ready both socially and academically. That is what we hoped for but we got so much more. Our son was happy and comfortable at Temple Shalom. He looked forward to every day. Now he looks forward to kindergarten because he expects it to be just as good. Thank you.  —Michael


Temple Shalom Nursery School has felt like an extension of home for us. It was important that our daughter be in an environment where she felt accepted and comfortable while having the opportunity to learn, be creative and be challenged. The curriculum at Temple Shalom is exciting, educational and has helped our daughter grow in leaps and bounds this year. The teachers are compassionate, warm and kind. They treated our daughter like they had known her since I first held her and like they understood the emotions for her (and me!) that would come with her first year of venturing out on her own into the school world. This is a top-notch program; organized, diverse, and fun. We watched with tears in our eyes at the end of year Parent Day Program, thrilled with the progress our daughter made, the relationships she formed and the happiness of knowing she will be right back in the same place for at least one more year!  —Jenn & Joe